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Timely discussions regarding Chinese politics, economics, law, and society with faculty, visitors, and guest speakers at the Center for the Study of Contemporary China

Hosted by CSCC Research Scholar Neysun Mahboubi

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Ep. 6: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – Natalie Lichtenstein

Launched by China in June 2015, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank ("AIIB") currently has eighty-six members and, with $100 billion in capital, has lent around $4 billion to infrastructure projects throughout…


Ep. 5: China & North Korea Relations – John Park

As the nuclear standoff between North Korea and the United States dominates global headlines, the relationship between North Korea and China, though little understood, has attracted ever greater attention. In this…


Ep. 4: China's Economy & The 19th Party Congress – Damien Ma

China's economy is currently the world's second largest, by GDP, and is generally expected to overtake the U.S. economy within the next decade. In this episode, the Paulson Institute's…


Ep. 3: Chinese Politics & The 19th Party Congress – Joseph Fewsmith

China's 19th Party Congress, held in October 2017, drew significant anticipation and attention, not only among professional China watchers, for its domestic meaning and foreign policy signals, at a time when the PRC…


Ep. 2: Trump's Visit to China – Avery Goldstein, Jacques deLisle, Amy Gadsden

President Trump's November 2017 visit to China, and four other Asian countries, comes at a charged time in US-China relations, when its perennial challenges and opportunities appear in particularly sharp relief…


Ep. 1: China & India Relations – Oriana Skylar Mastro

China and India share many historical similarities, as well as a complicated relationship shaped by political differences, growing economic ties, ongoing border disputes, and regional competition more generally…