Annual Lectures

Annual Lectures

The CSCC hosts an annual lecture by a prominent American or Chinese policymaker, diplomat, or public intellectual. These lectures, open to the entire Penn community and interested individuals from the Philadelphia area, are designed to reach beyond the specialized community of faculty and students who comprise the usual constituency of the Center.

Past Annual Lectures


US-China Relations Then and Now, and Addressing Anti-Asian Racism: A Conversation with Gary Locke

2023 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Gary Locke, Former U.S. Ambassador to China, U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Washington State Governor, and Current Chair, Committee of 100
- Annenberg School for Communication, Rm.109, 3620 Walnut Street

As Governor of Washington State (the first Chinese American to be elected governor in United States history and the first Asian American governor on the mainland), U.S. Secretary of Commerce, and U.S. Ambassador to…


China and the World after COVID and Ukraine

2022 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Anla Cheng, SupChina CEO & Founder; Jeremy Goldkorn, SupChina editor-in-chief and Sinica Podcast co-founder.
- Lower Level Auditorium, Perelman Center for Political Science & Economics, 133 South 36th St.

The divide between Beijing and Washington is only growing: After several years of growing tensions with the U.S. and other Western countries, China is sticking to its COVID-zero policies, and is remaining steadfast…


U.S.-China Competition in a Dynamic Indo-Pacific

2019-2020 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Randall Schriver, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs (2018-2019)
- World Forum, Perry World House, 3803 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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What does the future of U.S.-China competition hold? How has the Trump…


Overreach and Overreaction: The Crisis in US-China Relations

2018-2019 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Susan Shirk, Chair of the 21st Century China Program, UCSD; Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (1997-2000)
- Lower Level Auditorium, Perelman Center for Political Science & Economics, 133 South 36th St.

Relations between the United States and China today have become more competitive and tense than they have been during the past forty years since the 1979 normalization of diplomatic relations.   The deterioration of…


China’s Economy, Its Currency, and the State of the U.S.-China Economic Relationship

2017-2018 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Eswar Prasad, Nandlal P. Tolani Senior Professor of Economics and Trade Policy, Cornell University.
Annenberg Hall 110

China’s economy is now the second largest in the world and its currency, the renminbi, has been elevated to the status of an elite official reserve currency. But China is facing slower growth, rising debt levels, and…


The United States and China in a Changing World

2016-2017 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
J. Stapleton Roy, Former U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State 
Jon Huntsman Hall, Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium (JMHH G06)

Both the world and the United States role in it have changed profoundly over the last twenty-five years. US thinking about its global role has not kept pace with these changes. Our lack of strategic vision is…


Reporting from China

2015-2016 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
David Barboza, Shanghai Bureau Chief. The New York Times
Jon Huntsman Hall, Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium (JMHH G06)

Pulitzer Prize winner David Barboza will share his insights and experiences over the past decade reporting from China.

More on David Barboza:…


The US and China in the 21st Century

2014-2015 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Hon. Kurt M. Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (2009-2013)  
Jon M. Huntsman Hall Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium (JMHH G06)

Kurt M. Campbell is the Founding Partner, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of The Asia Group.  He also serves as Co-Chairman of the Board of the Center for a New American Security, an independent director on the…


Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China

2013-2014 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Evan Osnos  New Yorker China Correspondent
Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall 100

Evan Osnos joined The New Yorker as a staff writer in 2008. He is the magazine’s correspondent…


The Course of US-China Relations: Its Evolution and Prospects

2012-2013 CSCC Annual Public Lecture
Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr., former US Ambassador to China
Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium (JMHH G06), Wharton School

Governor Jon Huntsman, former US Ambassador to China with many years of public service and experience in Asia, shares his thoughts about the course of US-China relations and the influences that are shaping its…