Dear Affiliates and Friends of CSCC:

Thank you for your patience during our coronavirus-induced hiatus.  We hope that you all are safe and well.  In an effort to attain some semblance of normalcy, to keep the extraordinary community spirit of CSCC going, and to give you some contemporary China-related content from CSCC, we will be resuming—in online form—our Friday lunchtime talk series for the remainder of the semester. If you are interested in joining us and have not received a link via one of our email lists, please email [] to request a link. We will be presenting a series of “book talks.”  We believe these book talks are well-suited to the format, will appeal broadly, and, well, we figure many of us have more time to read long-form work than we usually do. We hope you will join us.

Best regards,

Jacques deLisle

Director, CSCC


In addition to the events and programs it hosts, the Center for the Study of Contemporary China provides support for activities sponsored by others at Penn when their activities are directly relevant to the CSCC’s mission to advance our understanding of the political, legal, economic, and social factors shaping China and its role in the world today. In the list of upcoming events, the appearance of CSCC logo indicates CSCC-sponsored events.

Requests for co-sponsorship or other types of support should be sent to and include a clear statement of the activity for which support is sought, its relevance to the CSCC’s mission, and the specific type of support requested.  As an academic research unit, the CSCC does not provide support for programs whose purpose is to advance a particular political agenda.

Upcoming Events


The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, the Factory, and the Future of the World

Dexter Roberts, Reporter and U.S.-China Political, Economics and Business Relations Specialist
- Virtual Conference via Zoom


The World Today: Will COVID-19 Infect the U.S.-China Relationship?

- Virtual Roundtable


China and COVID-19: A CSCC Roundtable Discussion

- Virtual Conference via Zoom


The Scientist and the Spy: A True Story of China, the FBI, and Industrial Espionage

Mara Hvistendahl, Investigative Journalist
- Virtual Conference via Zoom


(Cancelled) China Tomorrow: Democracy or Dictatorship

Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Professor of Political Science, Hong Kong Baptist University
- CSCC Conference Room, Perelman 418, 133 S. 36th St.


(Postponed to Fall 2020) The Chinese Communist Party at 100: Assessing Its Roles

CSCC 8th Annual Conference
Apr 30, 2020 - May 1, 2020 at -