Ep. 26: U.S. Human Rights Policy Towards China – Amy Gadsden

published April 8, 2022

While the Chinese government's actions in Xinjiang and Hong Kong lately have been the subject of particular scrutiny from U.S. policymakers, systematic attention to China’s human rights practices, more broadly, has been a consistent feature of U.S. policy towards China in recent decades, through successive Democratic and Republican administrations. In this episode, Neysun Mahboubi discusses with Amy Gadsden, a leading expert on human rights in China, the background to why human rights came to be such a major factor in U.S.-China relations, and how this portfolio of issues does (and should) relate to other policy considerations. The episode was recorded on August 16, 2019.

Sound engineering: Kaiser Kuo and Neysun Mahboubi

(Photo credit: Neysun Mahboubi)


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