Weekly Forums

Weekly Forums

In addition to the regular speaker series and other co-sponsored events, CSCC convenes an informal “Weekly Forum,” noon on weekdays in the CSCC conference room. These sessions are envisioned as “brown-bag lunches” at which graduate students or faculty can informally introduce or present work in progress. This will be a great way for all of us to get to know one another and learn more about the kinds of work on contemporary China being done across Penn’s campus. Please email us your thoughts and suggestions on how to best organize the Friday Forum and to let us know when you would like to volunteer to discuss some of your work. Even on days when no discussion is scheduled, people are welcome to bring their lunch to eat with others in the CSCC conference room.

Upcoming Weekly Forums

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Past Weekly Forums

From the Great Wall to Many City Walls: China's hukou system and its reform

Weekly Forums

Created in the 1950s, the hukou (户口 household registration) system has been a foundational…

Why Food Safety Fails in China: The Politics of Scale

Weekly Forums

This article examines China’s food safety failures to cast light on how scale has deeply affected its regulatory politics.  Contrary to studies that highlight China’s food safety challenges primarily resulting…

Can China Resolve its Labor Question by Improving Labor Standards?

The Regulatory Response to Labor Unrest
Weekly Forums

China's initial and preferred strategy for abating labor unrest was to legislate labor standards and improve access to judicial and arbitral enforcement of individual rights claims under the law. 

Corruption in the Procurement of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment in China:

Are Multinationals Especially Vulnerable?
Weekly Forums

Calls for reform of the Chinese healthcare system are voiced at the highest levels, and reform efforts are ongoing and fast changing. Healthcare is an essential service provided by professionals to poorly informed…