Distinguished East Asia Lecture "A Lifetime of Adventures in East Asia"

Jerome A. Cohen, Professor of Law, New York University 

4:30pm - 5:45pm | Virtual Talk

Please register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/distinguished-east-asia-lecture-a-lifetime-of-adventures-in-east-asia-tickets-126693334173

Professor Jerome Cohen is the senior American expert on East Asian law. As Director of East Asian Legal Studies at Harvard Law School from 1964-1979, he helped pioneer the introduction of East Asian legal systems and perspectives into American legal curricula.

Each year, Jerome Cohen teaches a course on Chinese law and society. In some years he offers a third course on comparative international law, analyzing how countries with a Confucian tradition relate to the international laws and traditions of the "Christian West." In another course, he explores international business contracts and economic cooperation with East Asia.

In addition to these formal courses, Professor Cohen coordinates a Chinese language colloquium that attracts key figures in Chinese law and hosts a weekly Asia Hour for students, featuring informal (and frequently autobiographical) talks by prominent diplomatic and government officials, leading academics, and other influential practitioners in the East Asian legal area.

Co-sponsored by Center for the Study of Contemporary China