Penn China Education Summit:

Educational Reform and Innovation in Globalized Era
| Main Hall, Irvine Auditorium, 3401 Spruce St


Globalization and Technological Innovation have been transforming the world dramatically. During the past three decades, with the development of economy and life, the understanding and practice of “Education” have been changing in both China and the U.S. Quality-oriented Education, Liberal Education, International Education, Lifelong Learning and Online Education —— such concepts have become tide of the times. Moreover, the interaction and fusion of eastern and western educational systems also make the concept “education” richer yet more vague. In brief, education is the sea to which every stream from different countries and cultures flows.  Education plays a significant part in the foundation of national development. What is the role of education in the construction of modern society? How should education help individuals in realizing personal value and social value? Which educational methods are commendable? How does one interpret the relationships between education and other fields? What challenges and opportunities does contemporary education face? Furthermore, what experiences, lessons and thoughts would educational practitioners like to share? To find answers for these questions, the Penn China Education Summit came into being, with a goal to explore the path to “harmonious yet different”. We will invite leaders in the field of education from both China and the U.S. to the summit and let wisdom be revealed by the interaction among renowned scholars and innovative practitioners. PCES hopes to promote deeper communication and collaboration between the two countries as well as provide guidance and inspiration for their educational reforms. Let’s enjoy the extraordinary educational experience in the university which modernized American education! See you this fall at Penn!