How Far is China from the Rule of Law?

He Haibo, Professor of Law, Tsnghua University School of Law
| Tanenbaum 145, Gittis Classroom, Penn Law School

He Haibo is Professor of Law at Tsinghua University School of Law.  He is currently a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School’s Program on East Asian Legal Studies.  Professor Jacques deLisle will serve as commentator for this discussion.

Professor He specializes in constitutional and administrative law.  While a doctoral student at Peking University, he represented another student in their high-profile lawsuit against the University, paving the way for education litigation in China and, more broadly, the application of the principle of due process in Chinese judicial rulings.   From 2007-2008, he was a visiting scholar at the Yale China Law Center, where he completed for publication one of the leading monographs on administrative litigation and judicial review of agency action (in Chinese), as well as an article on “The Dawn of the Due Process Principle in China” (in English) that appeared in the Columbia Journal of Asian Law.  More recently, he has published a new textbook on Chinese administrative law that is widely considered the most advanced in the field.  In 2013-14, he played an active role in the process of the revision of China’s Administrative Litigation Law.