Challenges to Children’s Welfare in Contemporary China

Center for the Study of Contemporary China 5th Annual Conference
Apr 25, 2017 - Apr 26, 2017 | Silverman 245, Levy Conference Room, Penn Law School

The 2017 annual conference brings together experts from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to share their views on challenges to children’s welfare in contemporary China. Topics include poverty, nutrition and health, pollution, education, rights and protections, victimization, families and parenting, child and adolescent development, and the implications of migration and family separation.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

8:45 am  Opening remarks and introductions
Morning session
Health, education and rights
Chair:  Xian Huang, Rutgers University
9:00 am Scott Rozelle, Stanford University
Topic: The absence of learning in rural China's secondary schools: Poor health, undernutrition and low cognition (via videoconference)       
9:30 am Weiwei Hu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Albert Park, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Emily Hannum, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Childhood poverty in rural China: Assessment approaches and long-term implications
10:10 am Jianlong Yao, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
Topic: The legal context of child welfare: Children’s rights (via videoconference)

10:40 am Jianghong Liu, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Environmental toxicant exposure and children's health outcomes

Discussion: Jere Behrman, University of Pennsylvania
Afternoon sessions

Chair:  Jennifer Adams, Drexel University
1:00 pm Eva Pomerantz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Topic: Emotional distress during early adolescence in China: Do parents play a role?
1: 30 pm Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, National University of Singapore
Xiaorong Gu, National University of Singapore
Topic: Hopes and hurdles: Rural migrant adolescents in China
2:00 pm Lingxin Hao, Johns Hopkins University
Xian Zhang, Renmin University of China
Topic: The emerging social segregation in China's adolescent society: Rural-urban migration and Hukou

Discussion: Emily Hannum, University of Pennsylvania
Maltreatment and protections

Chair:  Xiaoying Liu, University of Pennsylvania
3:15 pm Naixue Cui, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Child maltreatment and gender: Implications for practice
3:45 pm Edward Ko-Ling Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Topic: Child and family polyvictimization in China - Chinese perspective in violence prevention
4:15 pm Xiaoyuan Shang, University of New South Wales
Topic: The best interests of the child in China’s new child protection practice
Discussion: Irene Wong and Emily Hannum, University of Pennsylvania
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Morning session

Migration and children’s welfare
Chair:  Tanja Sargent, Rutgers University

8:45 am  Hua-yu Sebastian Cherng, New York University
Jason Rarick, New York University
Erin Godfrey, New York University
Topic: Migrant families and education
9:15 am Carl Lin, Bucknell University and IZA
Yana van der Meulen Rodgers, Rutgers University
Topic: Social disadvantage and child health among China’s rural-urban migrant households
9:45 am Xinyin Chen, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Social and psychological adjustment of migrant and left-behind children in China
Discussion: Hyunjoon Park, University of Pennsylvania