Renminbi internationalization—and regulation—and what it means for Western financial markets

Chris Brummer,  Professor and Director, Institute of International Economic Law, Georgetown University

| Silverman Hall 240A, Penn Law School

Chris Brummer is a visiting professor at Penn Law this semester where he teaches a course on international financial regulation.  He is also the Director of the Institute of International Economic Law at Georgetown University and a fellow at both the Atlantic Council and the Milken Institute.  He has also served on the appellate body of FINRA, the Congressionally-empowered securities regulator where he has been lauded for his efforts to advance investor protection and become the target of ire from some Wall Street’s most scandalous persons.

A recent public discussion is available here:  http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/events/webcasts/renminbi-internationalization-in-volatile-markets