(CANCELLED) A New Stage of Social Science Data Collection in China

Professor Weidong Wang, Department of Sociology, Renmin University, China
| CSCC Conference Room, Fisher-Bennett 345

In recent years, the arising of academic survey data has brought the social-economic fundamental data collection in China into a new stage. Around 2010, several Chinese Universities respectively started their national representative longitudinal survey projects and have been continuously releasing data and findings. Universities, together with government and commercial survey companies, have formed the architecture of three pillars of social science data collection in China. Facing the strong challenge presented by academic survey projects, Chinese government and survey companies have to adjust their strategy in social-economic data collection and related field. In academic community, besides for the opportunity of research data enrichment, scholars on China study need to learn how to utilize these new data collection platforms and find local collaborators on data collection projects having special requirements.

Dr. Wang Weidong will give a briefly overview for all important large-scale academic survey projects started in recent years, which include China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) and China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) run by Peking University, China Household Finance Survey (CHFS) run by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China Labor Force Dynamic Survey (CLFDS) run by Sun Yat-sen University, and 6 longitudinal survey projects run by the Renmin University of China. He will emphasize three projects among them which he has been directly participating in: Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS), China Education Panel Survey (CEPS), and China Religion Survey (CRS); and will display some interesting findings based on CGSS 10-year cumulative data ,  baseline wave data of CEPS , and 2013-2014 wave data of CRS.

WANG Weidong is Associate Professor of Sociology and Executive Vice Director of the National Survey Research Center at the Renmin University of China. His main areas of interest are sociology of religion, sociology of education, statistical methods, and survey methodology. Wang Weidong is the PI of the China Education Panel Survey (CEPS), Co-founder of the China Religion Survey (CRS), Co-PI of the Chinese General Survey (CGSS), Co-PI of the Chinese Employer-employee Matched Data Survey (CEEMDS), and the Executive Director of Chinese National Survey Data Archive (CNSDA).