The Trail From Xinjiang

Documentary Screening & Meet with the Director
Chen Dongnan, Film Director
| CSCC Conference Room, Fisher-Bennett 345

Musa and his friends, all men, all young, all from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on China's northwestern border, now wander great cities in the East talking, shooting up, remembering home and practicing the one true skill they have: they steal. Since China's market transition in the 1990s, child trafficking has become rampant in Xinjiang.
Thousands, like Musa, spent their childhoods drifting from city to city with the pickpocket gangs. As the discriminative phrase, 'Xinjiang thieves,' has become nationally known over the past decade, Musa and the young men find lives frittered away in their struggle to establish an identity in a society caged by the pleasures and pains of transformative economic development. Film Website: http://www.trailfromxinjiang.com/

Organized by the Chinese Independent Film Society
Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Contemporary China

All are welcome, lunch provided.
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