Educational Issues for Minority Populations In Western China

Delegation visit, Dean Sude and Professor Teng Xing, Minzu University

| CSCC Conference Room, Fisher-Bennett 345

12:00-1:00pm: "Research on Educational Policies for Ethnic Minorities with Cultural Sensitivity----Cases from Ethnic Minority Areas in Western China."
Speaker: Professor Sude, Professor and Dean of the School of Education, Minzu University of China

1:00-2:00PM: Screening and discussion of the film "Children of Blessing" with Professor Teng Xing, Professor of Educational Anthropology at the School of Education, Minzu University of China and Fulbright Scholar. "Children of Blessing" is a documentary depicting ethnic minority Lahu girls' experiences as they are sent away from home to be educated at a boarding school.

* Sponsored by the Center for East Asian Studies Issues in Contemporary East Asia Colloquium Series, and the Center for the Study of Contemporary China