Christopher Carothers


Deputy Chair of the East Asia Program, Foreign Service Institute 2020-2022 CSCC Postdoctoral Fellow

Christopher Carothers is a political scientist conducting research on authoritarian politics with a regional focus on China and greater East Asia. His first book, Corruption Control in Authoritarian Regimes: Lessons from East Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2022) is about why some autocrats are motivated to enact corruption control, why their efforts succeed or fail, and what the political consequences of such efforts are. His research has been published in leading academic and policy-oriented publications, including Perspectives on Politics, the Journal of Democracy, the Journal of East Asian Studies, the Journal of Contemporary China, Government and Opposition, Politics and Society, Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Policy. Dr. Carothers received his PhD in Government from Harvard University in 2019. He can be followed on Twitter at @ChrisCarothers.