Xixin Wang (2015 Visiting Scholar)


Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Peking University Law School

Professor Wang Xixin is a Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Peking University Law School, and the Deputy Director of Constitutional and Administrative Law Research Center of Peking University.

During 1998-99, Prof. Wang was a visiting scholar and a senior fellow of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies at Columbia University School of Law. Since 2003, Prof. Wang has also served as a Fellow of the China Law Center of Yale Law School. Professor Wang has been very active in participating in China's administrative law reforms for many years. Since 1999, he has served as a working member of China Administrative Legislative Research Group, an academic team advising China's NPC Standing Committee Legal Affairs Working Commission on administrative law reforms. Since 2001, Professor Wang has been a major drafter of China's Administrative Procedure Act. He has also been a Research Consultant for the NPC Standing Committee General

Professor Wang's research fields cover administrative procedure, public participation, rulemaking, and comparative administrative law studies. He had published more than 30 papers on major law journals in both China and the United States.

In addition, Professor Wang also presented papers and talks in many academic forums, including Columbia Law School, Yale Law School, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholarship and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Prof. Wang is the founder and the Director of Center for Public Participation Studies and Supports (CPPSS) of Peking UniversityOffice since 2002, and Vice Chairman of Beijing Administrative Law Society since 2005.