Research Grants

The Center for the Study of Contemporary China invites applications from Penn standing faculty and graduate students for research grants. The Center is interested in supporting scholarly research projects that are related to any aspect of the political, legal, economic, and social factors shaping China and its role in the world today.

Grants may be used, among other things, to support field research, to hire graduate students as research assistants, or to defray other essential research expenses detailed in the application. Grant recipients are expected to present their research findings to a CSCC seminar. Faculty grants will generally not exceed $5000. Student grants will generally not exceed $2000.

We encourage faculty and graduate students at Penn whose research interests fit within the broad mission of the CSCC to submit applications. Applications should be no longer than five pages (single-spaced) and include the following:

1) A description of the research project.

2) A budget explaining the expenses the grant is to cover and a statement of all current and pending support for the research project.

3) A curriculum vitae.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, but no applicant can receive more than one grant in a single year. Please submit grant applications to