Rui Fu

Rui Fu is a doctoral student in the Applied Psychology---Human Development Division (APHD) at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. Her research interest centers on the bi-directional function of parent-child and peer relationships on children’s socio-emotional functioning, in a cross-cultural setting. She is conducting several projects that explore: 1) the significance of social comparisons to individuals’ social adjustment in different cultures and from the preliminary results, she found that social comparisons function as a moderator in predicting changes in children’s social adjustment; 2) children’s leadership characteristics in formal and informal settings and what factors contribute to their leadership in peer group setting. Another project that she is planning is to investigate the varying expressive reactions of parents to the children’s negative emotions and their emotional availability in family across cultural contexts. Working with her instructor, Dr. Xinyin Chen, she is also working on a series of longitudinal studies that tapped for example: 1) the joint and interactive contributions of early temperamental characteristics and parenting practices to children’s social competence and school performance; 2) through observations of children’s free play and task completion, Chinese and Canadian children’ social interactions with peers and how their temperament characteristics (e.g., self-control) affect social initiations and in a longitudinal design, how their early peer interactions predict socio-emotional outcomes later in adolescence.