Hua-Yu Cherng


Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng (程华宇) is a joint doctoral student in Education Policy and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.  His interests include race, ethnicity, gender, and education.  Cherng’s research has focused on educational transitions in rural China, particularly among girls and ethnic minorities, ethnic identification in China, cultural capital transfers between US adolescent friends, and immigrant adolescent experiences in US schools.  Before coming to Penn, he taught algebra and geometry at a public charter school and Upward Bound in San Francisco and was co-founder of a technology start-up based in Shanghai.  Cherng received his bachelor's degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is co-author (along with Emily Hannum and Xuehui An) of  “Examinations and Educational Opportunity in China: Mobility and Bottlenecks for the Rural Poor” in the Oxford Review of Education.