David Wertime


Center Associate

David Wertime is Entrepreneur In Residence at the Philadelphia-based Lenfest Institute for Journalism. Prior to that, he spent four years as Senior Editor for China at Foreign Policy magazine and is a frequent speaker and commenter on Chinese policy, culture, and media. He has written for outlets including Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Slate, and The Financial Times, has appeared on BBC and Al Jazeera television, NPR and PRI radio, and lectured before a wide range of audiences including the Atlantic Council, Harvard Law School, Kansas State, and the Foreign Correspondents Club of Shanghai. He has also testified about Chinese media freedom before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Before joining FP, he founded Tea Leaf Media, a Chinese social-media analysis outlet that was later acquired for cash by The Washington Post Company.
A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (China), David is a Truman Security Fellow, a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. A native of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, David holds his JD from Harvard Law School and his BA from Yale College.