Baohua Zhou

2011-2012 Visiting Scholar

Baohua Zhou is an associate professor at the Journalism School, Fudan University, Shanghai,  China. He is also a research fellow of the Center for Information and Communication Studies and associate director of Media and Public Opinion Research Centre (FMORC) of Fudan University. In 2011-2012, he is a visiting scholar at Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on internet and new media, public opinion and political participation, internal migrants, and media and social stratification in China, among others. His current research projects include social differentiation, media use, opinion expression and political participation in China, Web 2.0 and public opinion, new media and journalism, and media use and identity of new migrants in China, among others. He has published a book on media effects and co-edited one book on new media. His works have appeared in Asian Journal of Communication, Chinese Journal of Communication, Communication & Society, and various major journals in the field of communication in China. Selected works include: “New Media Use and Subjective Social Status,” Asian Journal of Communication, (2011) 2, 133-149; (with Joseph Man), “Expressive Behaviors across Discursive Spaces and Issue Types. Asian Journal of Communication, (2011) 2, 150-166; “Audience Research Trends in Mainland China: An analysis of three major journalism and mass communication journals, 1985-2002,” Asian Journal of Communication, (2006), 2, 119-131; “Information and Expression on Web2.0: A Survey Study of Shanghai Netizens,” Journalism and Communication Research, (2008), 4; (with Lu Shuning), “An Empirical Study of ICTs and New Generation Migrant Workers in Shanghai,” Journalistic University, (2011) 2.